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Creating Privacy Within the Workplace

As employees return to the physical workplace, it is almost certain that there will be more demand for privacy. What will the "post-COVID workplace" look like? The workplace will feature more barriers, space and sanitation to protect employees as we transition into our new normal. Every business will set their own privacy standards and each employee will have their own set of boundaries. With these important measures, know that Interscape is here to help you with innovative and unique solutions to establish a safer workplace.

Demountable Walls Demountable, glass walls can be customized and installed in any office space to create instant divisional privacy. Teknion offers a large selection of architectural walls with various options. The glass exterior will keep the area open while utilizing natural light and providing a soundproof space.

Phone Booth Phone booths were introduced to the market prior to COVID-19 because they are one of the most effective ways to create instant privacy. They are soundproof and take up very little space which provides a space for employees to focus. Teknion offers the Tek Booth that creates the perfect space to focus while offering an acoustic tackboard, and a bar-height work surface ideal for laptops, tablets and phones.


Screens, or sneeze and cough guards, are designed for areas with regular public exposure, such as customer service points, receptions and cashiers. There are different screen options for temporary and permanent solutions.

Freestanding Screens

Freestanding screens can be a great cost-effective approach for instant divisional privacy. It also provides the most flexibility, allowing users to quickly change up their spaces as they see fit. Although it won't offer complete isolation, it will provide enough space separation to encourage safe distancing within the office.

Creating privacy within the workplace will help keep employees safe as we continue to stop the spread of COVID-19. Let us help you choose the best privacy solutions for your office.

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