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Office Design Trends & Ideas in 2021

The pandemic and its aftermath have changed how we work in so many ways – giving us the opportunity to build better work habits and reevaluate what makes a happy and productive work environment. Post-COVID office trends will include everything from upgraded office furniture to provide flexibility in the office; even one change (big or small) will make a difference in the workplace.

(Teknion Routes Collection pictured)

Furniture and Finishes

Businesses are looking to upgrade their office furniture now that employees are returning to the office. They are also re-considering their finishes to be easily cleaned and sanitized.

The newest furniture collections are lightweight, flexible, and adaptable to big and small spaces. They will encourage people to move about their space to promote productivity and creativity. Finishes and textiles are being made with having healthy workspaces in mind. Luum Textiles has many fabrics that are bleach cleanable and durable to withstand disinfecting products.

(Luum Textiles & Teknion Products pictured)

Architectural Walls

Architectural walls allow companies to convert space from small offices to large offices or even to an open area, adding definition to your open-plan office. The Teknion Architectural Interiors wall programs integrate with architecture, between products and technology. The possibilities are endless.

(Teknion WithIn™ pictured)

Create Smaller Conference Rooms

Working from home had given some the flexibility to change scenery throughout the day. As collaboration is still essential to businesses, employees need to have spaces where they may work together. Smaller conference rooms will provide the space for employees to connect frequently and easily. Furthermore, social spaces like breakrooms and cafes, will be equally essential to encourage workers to take a break, interact with coworkers and feel refreshed.

(Teknion Expansion Casegoods pictured)

Although every company’s return will look different, and it will be customized to their circumstances. There are many things to look forward to, such as time with coworkers, reestablishing routine, and the feeling of normalcy. As we embrace our new norm, employees will notice these important changes and will feel safe, appreciated, and heard.

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