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3 Easy Ways for Your Workplace to Go Green

Promoting workplace wellness through a mindful and healthy office environment will help your employees feel healthier, more satisfied with your company, and more driven to succeed at work. Companies can now incorporate green office furniture to using recyclable and organic materials and fabrics when creating their workspace. Where do you start? Here are 3 easy ideas that Interscape utilizes in our showroom to help get you started.

Bring the Outside In

Having plants in the workplace not only helps enhance your workspace, but they bring so many health benefits: giving us cleaner more breathable air, connecting employees to nature and in return, feel more relaxed and focused throughout the day, and the list goes on!

We have plants throughout our showroom but our favorite is our plant wall, offering a refreshing green space to our workplace. It also adds an artistic element while providing all the positive feelings of being in nature to both our employees and clients who walk through our showroom. Featured below is our living wall alongside Teknion's Bene Box, another natural element to our biophilic design.

Natural Light

Having natural light in the workplace leaves employees happier and healthier so finding creative ways to let the light in for all employees is important. Create a collaborative space in your office near windows for anyone to work at or add seating outside the office for employees to take a break.

Our showroom features Studio TK Fractals Seating by the windows to support collaboration between our team members or a place to step away from our desk for a distraction free zone.


Show employees your company cares about the environment and implement recycling. Set up the recognizable blue cans around the office, replace disposable cups with reusable mugs and glasses in your café or breakroom and continually communicate with your team to improve and enhance your recycling goals!

Productivity at work is closely tied to how employees feel, and one of the best ways to boost employee health and happiness is to create a green office environment.

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