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Lounge Furniture - Going Beyond your Living Room

January 07, 2020

Lounge furniture is going beyond your living room and has become the norm in offices, reception areas, universities, cafes and more public spaces. Soft seating works in places where people meet, collaborate or just pass-through.

The focus on corporate lounge design is becoming more than just creating a space away from the desk and shifting to the importance of common areas that support wellbeing. Biophilic design paired with lounge furniture by natural light enhancing employees mental and physical wellbeing.

Lounge/soft seating areas are a prominent feature in office design, opening up possibilities for impromptu conversations, idea sharing and collaboration or personal focus and recharge. Whether it be the café or a couple Studio TK Fractals by the window, lounge areas are designed with wellbeing in mind and we can all benefit from that!

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