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Would Your Office Benefit from Architectural Acoustical Solutions?

May 23, 2018

What exactly is architectural acoustics? Architectural acoustics is the science and engineering of achieving a good sound within a building. Interscape has become a recognized leader in the evaluation and remediation of spaces with acoustical challenges. We have also developed close relationships with the nations leading Acousticians for testing and the ability to certify environments for acoustical privacy. Be it an industrial, corporate, scholastic or clinical space, Interscape can help you achieve the level of privacy you deserve. We harness 'Green' materials and low-power electro-acoustic systems to improve our clients indoor environmental Quality (IEQ) by:

  • Absorbing sound (to prevent reverberation and echoic noise)

  • Blocking sound (to prevent it from reaching unintended listeners)

  • Covering or Masking distractions (ensuring adequate conversational privacy)

  • Personalizing sound (address specific listeners and avoid distractions in lobbies, etc.)

  • Shaping sounds for full fidelity AV (such as studios and 'telepresence' suite)

  • Providing third-party design, testing, verification and periodic assessments

Open-plan offices are one of the most common modern work settings, providing a more communal, integrated atmosphere to suit the way we now work. Our acoustic design solutions supports today's workplace environment, embracing the link between furnishings, architecture and importantly, the people.

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