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Why High Quality Office Furniture is Important

October 15, 2019

The relationship between high quality office furniture and productivity of employees has just recently been discovered so that is why more companies are designing/redesigning their work environment. It is important to understand that the type of furniture in your office will play a vital role in enhancing potential and productivity of your employees; here are 5 reasons why your office furniture is important.

1. Good posture and support increases productivity so ergonomic chairs are vital to cater to different sizes and builds of employees. Even desk and monitor height, keyboard placement and how close your monitor is can have an important impact on the way you work.

2. Your office furniture can impact employee moods and the way they work. Different layouts/furniture are helpful in creating collaborative or private work environments and can

also allow natural light or easy navigation for clients and visitors, making them have a positive experience in your office. Adding in bright colors can also influence employee attitudes so modern office furniture is being designed more with bright colors to lift the mood of employees.

3. It is important for your office furniture to be practical with adequate storage and provide options for storing different sizes of materials. Whether it be the layout of your work surface or the size of your filing unit, with the proper furniture, you could be hindering your ability to work, ultimately affecting productivity.

4. Health. The use of poorly designed office chairs can cause health problems such as back pain, neck-related headaches, stress, and the list goes on. Sitting for many hours in a single day can cause fatigue, especially during busy work days, so ergonomically-friendly furniture will reduce fatigue and employees can work without feeling the monotony of work.

5. Lastly, your office environment should be one you enjoy coming to everyday! Office furniture can play a role in company culture, so if your office isn't somewhere you like to be then it's not going to make you feel satisfied in your job. Your employees want to feel comfortable, positive and motivated...I know we do!

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