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Top 5 Interscape Blogs of 2018

December 19, 2018

In many ways, 2018 was a noteworthy year. On the Interscape blog, we’ve shared workspace inspiration and covered some of the most prominent office design trends. As we soon launch into a new year, let's take a quick look at our most popular blog posts from 2018. Revisit an old favorite or catch up on a post you may have missed. Enjoy!

1. Top 5 Ways to Make Your Office Feel and Look Like A Home Your office is your second home, and some days, it feels more than that! Today, many of us spend our waking hours at work and the evolution of the workplace environment has changed to look and, more importantly, feel like a home. Gone are the days of "Office Space" cubicles; today, we are incorporating lounge seating with rich colors textiles that contribute to health and happiness in the workplace...(read more on the blog).

2. What Does it Mean to be WELL Certified? Teknion Corporation announced that it is the first manufacturer in the world to receive WELL certification at the silver level under WELLv1 for its downtown Toronto showroom by meeting 100 percent of the WELL Preconditions applicable to the Project Type in all Concepts...(read more on the blog).

3. Where do You Go to be Inspired? Today's workplace environments have evolved greatly from the days of cubicles and fluorescent lighting. Interscape Commercial Environments keeps up with the current trends of workplace design and we bring them to our showroom and set forth to our clients' needs and projects...(read more on the blog).

4. Would Your Office Benefit from Architectural Acoustical Solutions? What exactly is architectural acoustics? Architectural acoustics is the science and engineering of achieving a good sound within a building. Interscape has become a recognized leader in the evaluation and remediation of spaces with acoustical challenges. We have also developed close relationships with the nation's leading Acousticians for testing and the ability to certify environments for acoustical privacy...(read more on the blog).

5. Have Lunch? Want to Collaborate? Our workspaces are all about how we think, create, and share ideas. Café and dining areas are not just for coffee and lunch anymore; they have become the conference rooms for today's creative employees...(read more on the blog).

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