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The Importance of Lighting in the Office

January 11, 2019

We've talked about the importance of office furniture and how it affects productivity but there are other factors that go into creating a healthy work environment that are sometimes overlooked. Lighting. Lighting has a huge effect on us and since most people spend much of their day at work, it makes sense that quality lighting in the workplace is important.

Natural lighting affects your mood. Think about how you feel during the winter months in New England when the sun sets around 4pm. You start to feel a bit cooped up, bummed out and have low-energy but when the sun is out for those long summer days, you are constantly outside and just feel good. Having windows in your work environment lets in the natural light creating a healthy and positive mindset. Open floor plans and glass walls to divide offices are ideal in that they allow for greater flow of daylight throughout the space. We understand that some workplaces don't have many or any windows near each workstation so encouraging employees to take breaks outside is important for health, reset your mind and continue to work efficiently.

Natural light is undeniably better on energy and stress levels than artificial light but of course an office can't avoid not having lighting so making sure that lighting is bright and even throughout the space. Poor lighting directly affects work performance by causing headaches and/or put strain in employees' eyes. Just how bright, natural lighting can positively affect your mood, gloomy lighting can make you feel depressed and productivity will decrease.

Don't overlook task lighting as it's just important to have in your office to bring concentrated light in a specific area. Task lighting helps us see better at our own workstations and having a dimmer and adjustable arm like Teknion's Sanna Lightbar, the employee is in control throughout the day. A bright, well illuminated office space is important to wakefulness, productivity and quality of life. Lighting should never be overlooked when planning your office space, your employees will thank you!

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