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The Best Brands are Built in Better Spaces - As featured on Inc Magazine

December 05, 2018

When you want the DNA of your company infused throughout your office space, there's no better way than through branding. Your brand is the visual manifestation of your purpose, what you stand for, and the mission you have to serve your clients. But it's not just about logos and colors. There's a more powerful element that invokes a feeling in whomever enters the front doors, a feeling that settles inside clients and employees alike.

The environment in which people work plays a huge role in inspiring creativity and increasing job satisfaction, as well as attracting top talent. Because of this, branding in workplace design has not only an aesthetic function, but is an effective tool for HR departments that can improve the bottom line.

Office Atmosphere

You want the atmosphere of your office to say what your business is about.

Are you conveying a sense of sustainability? Then green space and biophilic design will create the right atmosphere. are you a team of creatives who will bring ideas to life through graphics, music or inspiring art.

Are you a team of creatives who will bring ideas to life through graphics, music, or inspiring art? Then the visuals of your space need to take away the breath of all who come through your doors. Incorporated logo design elements are great, but in an environment meant to inspire, it's all sweeping lines and soft curves, the flow of imagination, and where you allow yourself to be swept off to. When your people are gifted at thinking outside the box, boxing them in is the last thing you want to your office design to say to the people working there.

Is your mission to protect your clients in some way? Then you want to convey strength, honor, and purpose in your design. If you're more of a corporate culture where your strength of character and professionalism is integral to your business, you want clean, modern lines and understated hues. A financial planning company or engineering firm won't inspire much trust in clients if their office space is full of loud colors, whimsical design, and a ping pong table.

Office Colors

Speaking of color, modern offices bearing company colors can give inspiration to the business from many perspectives. Don't limit them to the walls or artwork, either.

If your company logo is bright but you want a sleekly designed modern office, give smaller pops of color throughout a more neutral palette, such as on decorative pillows on couches or colored furniture panels and upholstery that compliment a more muted color scheme.

Keep in mind that an abundance of bold colors might be pleasing for visitors but can become overwhelming for employees who spend a major portion of their time in the office.

Color is an enormous element of the design's overall feeling, so if you're all about saving the environment or you direct a green business with sustainable practices, the colors of nature can evoke a calm yet fierce spiritedness from our plant's green spaces. The steadfastness with wonderful, rich colors and textures.

Office Textures

A logo of your company's brand is another good place to start, but that doesn't have to be the only way to impart branding. Soft textures lend a greater sense of well-being, so for a medical practice, it could be just the soothing element you want to impart to patients and relatives.

A big, wall-to-wall 3D logo could shout your business's brand to all and sundry, but a mural, glass etching, or sculpture might have a greater, and more understated, impact if your industry is more about class than enthusiasm.

Plan Your Office Space

The ratio of private offices to open area depends on what kind of organization your company is. More teamwork requires a larger number of brainstorming locations, whereas a more confidential type of work, such as legal or medical consultations or financial investing, could require privacy to give clients a sense of security with their personal information.

The furniture will follow the kind of branding you're going for. Smaller groupings of chairs and screens or individual rooms give privacy a nod, where more open and lounging spaces provide agility for creativity and collaboration. This creates an immersive experience for everyone who enters the office, and instills a sense of the company's purpose without ever having to say a word.

Your brand is critical to your company's identity, and incorporating it into your office design in unique and well-considered ways breathes life into the identity of your business, giving workers a sense of connection with the company philosophy and culture. Much like sports fans wear the jersey of their hometown team or Alma Mater, corporate branding in the office rallies your employees around your business and gives them a team spirit that can't be matched any other way.

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