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Privacy in the Workplace

August 27, 2019

With many companies wanting to increase both teamwork and productivity, open-plan offices have become a popular option. This office design is steering away from the closed off offices and cubicles for an office space where employees can work closely together. One of the main benefits of this is effective collaboration and although this office plan may not work for each employee, manufacturers have come out with inventive options for privacy in the workplace.

Privacy Booths

Privacy booths are the perfect option for giving your employees a private space to escape from the open office. Not only do they eliminate virtually all sounds from outside the booth, but they also give employees a space to take private calls without disrupting the rest of the office or worrying about being overheard. Booth-styled solutions are quickly evolving, allowing for a flexible work space within your office.

Teknion now offers the Tek Booth with sound blocking and sound absorbing capabilities to optimize acoustics to offering a preconfigured and a configurable version. With numerous material and finish options, the Tek Booth can be specified to adapt any environment.

"We know that every project is different. Our product line has been designed to be flexible in order to match the various physical and organizational needs of every client we work with. We always start by discussing what needs are most important for your current project." - Teknion

Walls, Screens & Panels

There are many different types of barriers that can create the illusion of privacy in an open workspace. These can be an affordable option for creating an office like feel without having to put up walls.

Modular walls are a good option, because not only do they provide privacy, but they also work as a good sound barrier as well. Teknion Altos modular wall system is constructed as a build-up and shipped disassembled to easily reconfigure and relocate between floors or buildings.

Screens can be a fun option when trying to also implement color and design into your office

space. They are also easy to move and redesign. Teknion Zones has multiple options to create that flexible, fluid work space of the modern workplace.

Panels are also a great option when trying to find a way to create privacy because of their easy installation. Teknion Leverage panels can easily increase or lower the height on-site

without disruption to the work area, amongst many other functional features.

Acoustical Sound Management

Acoustics are incredibly important in every workspace, but even more so in an open floor

plan. A loud workspace can be incredibly distracting to employees which can lead to decreased employee interactions and productivity. Fortunately, sound masking and acoustical treatments can help balance these elements and create a more functional and pleasing office.

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