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NeoCon Celebrates 50 Years

May 09, 2018

NeoCon will be here before we know it and this year, NeoCon celebrates 50 years! Held every year in June in Chicago since 1969, NeoCon serves as the commercial design industry's launch pad for innovation - offering ideas and instructions that shape the built environment today and into the future.

So what did we see last year from Teknion? It was all inspired by their latest book "The True Measure Of A Space Is How It Makes Us Feel;" how we feel when we walk into a space - connected, calm, welcomed.

The resimercial "trend" has become more than just a trend, but a new way to view the commercial markets of the future. What exciting and newly innovated products will Teknion bring to NeoCon for their 50th anniversary? To be continued...

Visit for show info, exhibitors, floor plans and times.

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