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Murtha Cullina {Acoustical Solutions}

November 09, 2018

Murtha Cullina engaged our experts to help solve a horrific acoustical problem in a new satellite office within an incubator space. This unique complex is a repurposed factory space and Murtha took a suite to be a part of this incredible new ecosystem of young emerging companies so they may offer their legal expertise. Our challenge with this cool industrial space was to resolve the reflectivity of the surfaces, add speech privacy for the attorneys within the offices and meeting rooms and do so in a creative manner that added some unique drama to the site. Oh yeah, and do it cost effectively. No problem!

After determining the acoustical issues and developing a solution, we then got to work on the fun stuff! Making it look cool! Our palate for this space included our own, Soundlite Interscape Shapes acoustical hanging baffles, ezoBord acoustical hexagonal wall tiles and the Cambridge QT speech privacy system. Collectively these solutions will work in harmony to resolve the clients wish list.

These super high performing, large hanging baffles were custom made for the site. They were installed to not interfere with the existing utilities by creating a wave to dip below the existing HVAC but to also add movement and visual interest. The wave also helps cover more area acoustically. “Is that a Murtha “M”!!!??

The large bare span of the rear wall received a unique application of hexagon wall tiles that dance the length of the wall and add movement and life while introducing additional and necessary absorption of ambient sound.

The Cambridge QT sound masking system was added throughout to offer levels of confidentiality from office to open plan and conference spaces as well as conference space to open plan. Additionally it creates a better overall experience and wellbeing while in the suite. It resolves distractions from adjacent suites and even noise generated in the corridor.

Interscape Commercial Environments takes a holistic approach to the learning and work environments. Listening and understanding our clients' needs and expectations is at the forefront of our designs. Offering solutions that envelop the entire environment allows us to create space that works better for our clients so they can do more.

Sound good? If so, feel free to reach out to us, we love what we do and would love to help!!

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