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Innovative Furniture for Collaborative Learning

June 28, 2018

Learning and teaching has evolved with great technological advancements, enriching the educational experience through collaborative and hands-on spaces that adapt to a variety of learning activities and teaching formats. So what will the classroom of the future look like? We can always speculate based on current trends!

We know that technology is here to stay. Tablet and laptop devices are now being used in the elementary schools for easy research and kids are learning keyboard skills at a younger age. We also know that classroom design and furnishings have become flexible to support the evolving curriculum and advanced learning styles.

The classroom of the future will blend technology and furniture with the students and teachers harmoniously. Classrooms will feature collaborative furniture such as activity tables to meet a variety of instructional styles and learning. We will see more versatile desks to create mobile learning and for students to be more comfortable in the classroom setting. Multimedia tables featuring TV monitors and HDMI inputs will allow the students and teachers to be connected and work as a team with today's (and tomorrow's) technological advancements.

When students are actively engaged in their learning, they are thinking and creating new knowledge and this success can be supported with the right kind of "active" classroom environment.

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