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How Office Furniture Affects Productivity in the Workplace

August 15, 2018

We've talked about the importance of office design by adding collaborative furniture and integrating nature into the office or the various options for height-adjustable tables but furniture plays a much larger and positive role in your company's ability to drive success and change. Job markets grow and competitive companies want to match that growth through meaningful design and furniture that support your employees' success.

Ergonomic office furniture is essential to a healthy workplace environment; correct ergonomic design helps to reduce discomfort at work which increases productivity and well-being. As an authorized Teknion dealer and proud representative of over 70 additional manufacturers, we offer a variety of options of ergonomically-crafted task chairs, height adjustable desking and other products that support one's well-being.

The modern workplace environment is practical and enjoyable that functions for employees. Take the conference room for example; gone are the dark, outdated meeting rooms which now have been replaced with demountable wall systems that delivers a high level of acoustic performance like Teknion's Focus. It seamlessly integrates a variety of glass and solid fascia's to create productive, modern workspaces.

Too much noise can create distractions and limit an employee's ability to stay focused. This is where Sound Masking Systems, acoustical panels and products alike can offer solutions to these common issues that will help employee productivity.

The evolution of today's furnished, interior work environment is something we study quite closely and the right office furniture will support your employees' hard work and accomplishments, ultimately helping the growth of your company.

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