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Color Me Happy | The Impact of Colors in the Workplace

October 29, 2018

Everyone who knows Interscape knows we love our orange but colors go beyond culture and branding and have a powerful impact on us and our productivity. The workplace environment has changed from mellow, soft colors to colorful work environments that encourage positive emotions in employees. We've seen this shift toward color in many projects year after year and it can absolutely transform a space and have a direct impact on productivity and performance.


Let's start with a color we are very familiar with....ORANGE! It generates a feeling of happiness and fun and adding orange into the workspace sparks excitement, enthusiasm, and energy, helping employees, like us, to come up with new and innovative ideas.


The color red is a vibrant color that can energize and excite employees. It is proven to increase heart rates, inspiring action. Although it can be overwhelming, being smart about what areas in the office to add reds can gather short bursts of action.


The color of wellness and health and adding biophilic design impacts us physiologically and psychologically. When people see green, they feel relaxed and refreshed, improving concentration.


Blue is used to soothe and provoke intellectual thinking and inspiration. People tend to associate blue with security, trust and also spark great ideas. Blue is an excellent choice in an office where employees gather to focus.


A color similar to orange, yellow is often linked to creativity and inspire new and innovative ideas. Adding yellow to a space brings happiness, optimism and excitement.

So how do you promote your culture and achieve your goals? Branding, accent pillows, paint colors, plants, work surfaces, furniture and accessories are just a few ways to get you thinking!

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