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3 Reasons Your Office Design Matters

July 02, 2019

Office design matters. You spend most of your day at the office, which is enough of a reason to have your work environment be as comfortable, "home-like" and well-designed as possible. But there are more reasons for this than simply the number of hours you give your job each day. Here are just 3 reasons your office design matters!

1. Your office showcases your company culture and values.

Does your company support local community? Buy and showcase local art on your office walls. Does your company embrace biophilic design and strive to be environmentally friendly? Design your office to be green with plants, natural lighting and finishes. How you design your office reflects what your business stands for.

2. It creates workplace well-being.

Designing an office that promotes well-being, nudges your employees towards making healthier choices throughout their day. By installing furniture like benches and tables outside, allows employees to take frequent walks outside the office or adding adjustable furniture like height-adjustable desks, giving them the option to sit and stand during the work hours.

3. Happy employees!

This is a big one. Office design is a huge factor to making your employees happy and want to come to work. Having a dim lit, uninspiring workspace will higher the chance of employee turnover. You want them to come back and never get tired of their surroundings. Thinking about how your company wants to be perceived, what message you want to convey and how you want your employees to feel when they're at work, matters.

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